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ZAFUL Limited price sale Womens Open Front Hooded Factory outlet Lamb Double Coat Side Cardig Wool

ZAFUL Womens Open Front Hooded Lamb Wool Coat Double Side Cardig


ZAFUL Womens Open Front Hooded Lamb Wool Coat Double Side Cardig

Product Description

About Us

ZAFUL, your one-stop online fashion shop, one of the most popular fashion brands in the world, and more and more young customers begin to choose ZAFUL, and let ZAFUL be the first choice on their way to shape a fashion recognition.We specialize in providing ladies with clothes with different styles, such as sexy bikini sets, fashion sweater,crop top,faux fur hoodie,jacket,winderbreaker,dress and so on. Our clothes with special design will make you feel more confident and be charming. ZAFUL team are willing to bring our customers the excellent shopping experience by offering high standard service based on the excellent quality.

ZAFUL Hooded Open Front Lamb Wool Coat

ZAFUL Hooded Open Front Reversible Teddy Coat

This coat with hood features a lamb wool fabric and a open front that is reversible and you can wear it inside out.

Warm tips:

  • The long style has pockets on the side, while the short style has no pockets.
  • Different styles vary in size. The size of short style is normal, while the long size is a bit larger.
  • SIZE UP if you would like an oversized look when you choose short style.
  • Would recommended washing it once you get it. Has a bit of a factory smell to it.
Hooded Reversible Teddy Coat Fluffy

Manufacturer Differences Disclaimer:

Due to the subtle differences between differing tailors and manufacturing processes, the product photography may not always entirely reflect the actual shape of the final item. However, the style is the same as the one depicted.

ZAFUL Womens Open Front Hooded Lamb Wool Coat Double Side Cardig

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