$38,Pump/Breast,/axisymmetrical209471.html,Machine/Breastfeeding,Electric,Health Household , Health Care,Pu,Enhancement,Breast,caothududoan.com $38 Electric Breast Pump/Breast Enhancement Machine/Breastfeeding Pu Health Household Health Care Electric Breast Pump Enhancement Pu Breastfeeding Max 86% OFF Machine $38,Pump/Breast,/axisymmetrical209471.html,Machine/Breastfeeding,Electric,Health Household , Health Care,Pu,Enhancement,Breast,caothududoan.com Electric Breast Pump Enhancement Pu Breastfeeding Max 86% OFF Machine $38 Electric Breast Pump/Breast Enhancement Machine/Breastfeeding Pu Health Household Health Care

Electric Breast Pump Minneapolis Mall Enhancement Pu Breastfeeding Max 86% OFF Machine

Electric Breast Pump/Breast Enhancement Machine/Breastfeeding Pu


Electric Breast Pump/Breast Enhancement Machine/Breastfeeding Pu

Product description

Size:A Cup

Product description
Color: pink
Electric breast enhancement machine/portable electric breast pump!

This electric breast augmentation machine aims to help women solve various breast problems through the principle of vacuum negative pressure; it is small and portable, and is an ideal choice for home and outdoor travel.

How to use?
1. Please bathe before use to keep the breast skin fully clean.
2. Listen to music or take a proper rest to fully relax the body.
3. Fully charge the instrument for about 4 hours.
4. Connect the cup trachea and the appropriate cup.
5. Open the cover.
6. Connect the air pipe of the main engine to operate and use.
7. Wireless remote control start / host power switch start.

Material: ABS, silicone, BPA-free

A Cup/11.5cm/4.5inch , B Cup/12.5cm/5inch , C Cup/13.5cm/5.3inch , D Cup/14.5cm/5.7inch

Charging time: ≤4 hours

Use time: ≥60 minutes

Built-in battery: 1500mAh lithium battery

Charging mode: USB

Essential Oil Breast Enhancement Massage + Hot compress 3 minutes use Warm towel + Breast enhancement equipment + Diet

You only need to use it twice a day for the first time, 15 minutes each time, and you can use it 4-5 times after getting used to it. There will be a significant improvement after 30 days.

Please read the instructions before use

Package includes

1*Wireless remote control

1*Receiving tube

1*Charging adapter


1*USB data cable

1*English manual

Electric Breast Pump/Breast Enhancement Machine/Breastfeeding Pu

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