Cover,$29,Pillowcase,Do,,Oriental,and,/capillariness1711846.html,Blossom,Eloise,(Grey,,Set,Duvet,Home Kitchen , Bedding $29 Eloise Oriental Blossom Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set (Grey, Do Home Kitchen Bedding $29 Eloise Oriental Blossom Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set (Grey, Do Home Kitchen Bedding Cover,$29,Pillowcase,Do,,Oriental,and,/capillariness1711846.html,Blossom,Eloise,(Grey,,Set,Duvet,Home Kitchen , Bedding Eloise Oriental Blossom Duvet Cover Set Do Grey Max 45% OFF Pillowcase and Eloise Oriental Blossom Duvet Cover Set Do Grey Max 45% OFF Pillowcase and

Max 78% OFF Eloise Oriental Blossom Duvet Cover Set Do Grey Max 45% OFF Pillowcase and

Eloise Oriental Blossom Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set (Grey, Do


Eloise Oriental Blossom Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set (Grey, Do

Product description

  • A pretty floral themed bedding set
  • Includes 1 double duvet cover and 2 pillowcases
  • UK Duvet cover approx size: 200cm x 200cm(78in x 78in)
  • Pillowcase approx size: 50cm x 75cm(19.5in x 29.5in)
  • 48% cotton, 52% polyester
  • Machine washable
  • To fit standard UK double bed
  • Main colour: Grey
  • This is a Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set - Simply slip it over your comforter, duvet insert, or alternative down comforter sets. This Duvet Cover is very useful as it will protect your existing comforter and is very easy to remove and wash
  • This is a 2 piece double sided sheet and pillowcase set, a comforter and pillow are not included

This pretty Eloise Floral double duvet cover and pillowcase set features birds perched on floral branches in soft complimentary tones of pink, grey and green, set on a pale grey background with a delicate white pattern across it. This bedding set is made from a polycotton blend and can be machine washed and tumble dried on a cool setting.

Eloise Oriental Blossom Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set (Grey, Do

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