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Dungeonware Six Inch Posture Collar New life Locking 35% OFF

Dungeonware Six Inch Locking Posture Collar


Dungeonware Six Inch Locking Posture Collar

Product description

Dungeonware Six Inch Locking Posture Collar is unlined and made with 7/8 oz leather. It comes standard with a roller buckle for easy adjustability. This leather collar also has a loop amp; d-ring for attaching a leash. It is very adjustable and will fit just about anyone, male or female comfortably. And as with all of our leather collars, this collar comes with our Dungeonware lifetime guarantee and will be shipped to you very discreetly For a complete list of all our produts you must click on the lower blue Dungeonware logo, The top one will not show our complete line of products!

Dungeonware Six Inch Locking Posture Collar

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