+,2-Way,Speaker,Musical Instruments , Live Sound Stage,Peavey,Bl,(2,System,7-Channel,$489,PVi,Speakers),8500,caothududoan.com,/clamminess1832031.html Peavey 2-Way Speaker System 2 Speakers Bl + Superior 7-Channel PVi 8500 +,2-Way,Speaker,Musical Instruments , Live Sound Stage,Peavey,Bl,(2,System,7-Channel,$489,PVi,Speakers),8500,caothududoan.com,/clamminess1832031.html $489 Peavey 2-Way Speaker System (2 Speakers) + PVi 8500 7-Channel Bl Musical Instruments Live Sound Stage Peavey 2-Way Speaker System 2 Speakers Bl + Superior 7-Channel PVi 8500 $489 Peavey 2-Way Speaker System (2 Speakers) + PVi 8500 7-Channel Bl Musical Instruments Live Sound Stage

Peavey 2-Way Speaker System 2 Speakers Bl service + Superior 7-Channel PVi 8500

Peavey 2-Way Speaker System (2 Speakers) + PVi 8500 7-Channel Bl


Peavey 2-Way Speaker System (2 Speakers) + PVi 8500 7-Channel Bl

Product description

Double your sound and double your fun with the Peavey 2-Way 100 Watt Speaker System, which includes 2 speakers with 10-inch woofers and a high-frequency drive on an exponential horn. This package comes complete with a 7-channel Bluetooth DJ Mixer so you have total control over your tunes. The light and durable carpet-covered trapezoidal enclosures with top handles give you the best in both form and function, and are great for musicians and DJs. Each speaker features a program power of 50 watts, as well as a horn-loaded high frequency driver, side-position monitor, and control-mount adapter. With a compact design and smooth response, this system is ideal for smaller venues where space is limited. With 2, 0.25-inch input connectors for simple amplifier hookup, the Peavey 2-Way 100 Watt Speaker System with Bluetooth DJ mixer will pump up your jams in a jiffy.

Peavey 2-Way Speaker System (2 Speakers) + PVi 8500 7-Channel Bl

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