$22 Hurtta Casual Rope Leash Pet Supplies Dogs /clastic1711637.html,Pet Supplies , Dogs,$22,Leash,Rope,Casual,Hurtta,caothududoan.com /clastic1711637.html,Pet Supplies , Dogs,$22,Leash,Rope,Casual,Hurtta,caothududoan.com $22 Hurtta Casual Rope Leash Pet Supplies Dogs Hurtta depot Casual Rope Leash Hurtta depot Casual Rope Leash

Hurtta depot Online limited product Casual Rope Leash

Hurtta Casual Rope Leash


Hurtta Casual Rope Leash

Product Description

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The Hurtta story began with our personal need and desire to protect our dogs from the cold and ever-changing, extreme conditions of the North.

We are from Finland, ”The wild North,” a place known for its pure and exotic nature and unrelenting winters. Originally, we were clothing industry professionals, and we were determined to make functional products for our own dogs while also developing a range of functional dog gear globally.

We're no strangers to the parks, trails, and training fields that dogs and their owners frequent every day. Our expertise stems from our extensive apparel industry and design experience and the bonds we have forged with other caring dog owners, dog trainers, and dog sport professionals worldwide.

Our love for dogs and our 20-year history are evident in everything we do. We’re always exploring and experimenting, working and reworking, testing and retesting – until our dogs let us know that we got it right.

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Hurtta Casual Rope Leash


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