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LOSARON Personalized Name Price reduction Blanket for Grandparents Letter t Fees free!! Love

LOSARON Personalized Name Blanket for Grandparents Love Letter t


LOSARON Personalized Name Blanket for Grandparents Love Letter t

Product description


About Custom Blanket

- Dimension amp; Weight
-40"(W) x 50"(L) (101.6 cm x 127cm), 16.93 Oz.

- Unique Design
-This customized blanket show your love to your kids, family members or your loved one.

- Material
-100% high quality polyester, super soft and excellent hand feeling, keeps you warm and cozy.

- Customized production time: 5 days

- Occasions
-Perfect for indoor and outdoor use; ideal for watching TV and lounging on sofa or bed, camping, cold cinema and travel.
It is also a ideal choice as a gift for your kids or family member at birthdays, christmas and so on.

LOSARON Personalized Name Blanket for Grandparents Love Letter t

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