Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Bundles,Malaysian,,Msbeauty,3,Extensi,Body,/figurative209184.html,Hair,of,7A,Wave,Virgin,$52 Msbeauty 7A Minneapolis Mall Body Wave 3 Bundles Virgin Hair Extensi of Malaysian $52 Msbeauty 7A Body Wave 3 Bundles of Malaysian Virgin Hair Extensi Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Msbeauty 7A Minneapolis Mall Body Wave 3 Bundles Virgin Hair Extensi of Malaysian Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Bundles,Malaysian,,Msbeauty,3,Extensi,Body,/figurative209184.html,Hair,of,7A,Wave,Virgin,$52 $52 Msbeauty 7A Body Wave 3 Bundles of Malaysian Virgin Hair Extensi Beauty Personal Care Hair Care

Msbeauty 7A Minneapolis Mall Body Wave 3 Bundles Virgin Hair Extensi of Popular brand Malaysian

Msbeauty 7A Body Wave 3 Bundles of Malaysian Virgin Hair Extensi


Msbeauty 7A Body Wave 3 Bundles of Malaysian Virgin Hair Extensi

Product Description

MSBEAUTY HAIR-World-wide and leading brand.More than 3 million customers, 98.9% repurchase rate.

Msbeauty Brazilian Body Wave Human Hair Bundles 

With carefully selected raw material, strict manufacturing process, professional technical team, Msbeauty hair can provide high quality hair products for all of you who want to be more beautiful and confident.
Good raw materials produce products of high quality.Our Brazilian Body Wave hair can be used month after month and the hair strands are still very strong.Working with a high quality hair product is much easier and will yield better results(such as getting a great shade and color when bleaching and dying the hair).


Msbeauty Hair- 100% Unprocessed Brazilian Virgin Hair Human Hair Bundles

Hair Parameter
Hair Material:100% Virgin Human Hair
Hair Colour:Natural Black Color 1B
Unit Weight:100g/bundle,300g/lot
Hair Quality: No Tangle,No Shedding,No Lice,Full Thick End,Premium Quality.
Can Dye Colors.Can be Straightened,Curled,Bleached and Styled like your own hair.

Virgin Hair Extensions
Msbeauty 100% Virgin Human Hair Extensions take very sesiously selecting the raw material.
We ensure premium virgin hair by owning and operating our own factories and professional team, giving us more control over the products we proudly sell.

Better Extensions. Better Results
Our hair extensions give clients the freedom to express their personal style with complete confidence. you don't have to worry about breakage, shedding, or premature replacements.
We only use virgin hair with cuticle layers facing in the same direction. We provide sronger, more rediant, natural-looking hair that will outlast synthetic or chemically treated extensions.


Msbeauty Hair Care Tips-Last longer than you imagine with proper care

Msbeauty Hair Qamp;A

Q: Tangle? No tangle!
A: All of our human hair extensions has been through strict tangle test before they are shipped out. The hair may tangle because of unproper use or care. If you want more instructions about the hair care, we can provide for you.

Q:Shedding? No shedding!
A:All of our human hair extensions has been through strict shedding test before they are shipped out. The hair may shed because of unproper use or care. If you want more instructions about the hair care, we can provide for you.

Q:How to keep the hair last longer?
A: Treat the hair as careful as you can think. It will not dispoint you. Normally the virgin hair extensions can last more than 6 month or even last for 1 year if treated with good care.

Q:Can this brazilian hair be dyed? Yes! Of course! It is 100% human hair!
A: Our virgin hair extensions is 100% human hair like our own. If our own hair can be dyed, this virgin human hair extensions can be dyed, too. Just one thing to keep in mind, be very very careful when it comes to dye or bleach thing. Unproper method of dye or bleach will cause damage to the hair. 
1) Use color-treated shampoo and conditioner for colored hair . If the hair gets dry, hot oil treatment over night and don't use too much heat.
2)Treat this hair just as if it was your own hair. Deep conditioning is very important to keep it soft and manageable.


Msbeauty Hair-A hair extension that can make you change style whatever you want.

Can be straightened

We suggest using a heat protectant when using a heated appliance. the temperature should stay in the safe zone of 300 to 350 degrees. (Better no heat style too often)


Can be bleached

Can be Bleached(No lighter than 27#), Can be Dyed All Colors (We suggest hair stylist doing color job, improper ways of dying will cause damage to the hair).
If you cannot get a salon, use a good quality hair dye and always test a small sample first.


Can be restyled

Human hair extensions can transform your entire look by adding volume and length to your hair.
Celebrities use them to get glamorous hairstyles in only a day. You can chacge you hairstyles 24/7 with Msbeauty hair.


Msbeauty 7A Body Wave 3 Bundles of Malaysian Virgin Hair Extensi

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