Flannel,Soft,ARNOVIC,and,Blanket,Comfortable,caothududoan.com,Pineapple,Microfibe,/hellion1831796.html,Home Kitchen , Bedding,$35 Flannel,Soft,ARNOVIC,and,Blanket,Comfortable,caothududoan.com,Pineapple,Microfibe,/hellion1831796.html,Home Kitchen , Bedding,$35 $35 ARNOVIC Pineapple Blanket Flannel Soft and Comfortable Microfibe Home Kitchen Bedding ARNOVIC Pineapple Blanket Flannel Comfortable and Genuine Free Shipping Soft Microfibe $35 ARNOVIC Pineapple Blanket Flannel Soft and Comfortable Microfibe Home Kitchen Bedding ARNOVIC Pineapple Blanket Flannel Comfortable and Genuine Free Shipping Soft Microfibe

ARNOVIC Pineapple Blanket Flannel Animer and price revision Comfortable and Genuine Free Shipping Soft Microfibe

ARNOVIC Pineapple Blanket Flannel Soft and Comfortable Microfibe


ARNOVIC Pineapple Blanket Flannel Soft and Comfortable Microfibe

Product Description

  • ARNOVIC is a fashionable home textile brand, with the most professional designers and operating team, has continuously provided high-quality home blankets to countless families.
  • Has continuously provided high-quality home blankets to countless families, and activated today's modern lifestyle. The updated fashion color revives this throw blanket with an elegant and superior appearance to complement your room.
  • Soft blanket will make you feel warm and relax like a solid hug to improve your sleep quality all night long. Forget all the worries and stress and move on!
  • We 100% adhere to our products and hope our customers love them as we do!

Versatile amp; Applicable - Multiple purposes and all year round use

I love you mom blanket

High Quality Material - Double faced plush microfiber flannel

Flannel is commonly used to make tartan clothing, blankets, bed sheets, and sleepwear due to its softness and warmth.

The flannel fabric we choose is originally made from 100% microfiber polyester and brushed to create extra softness on both sides, and the textured waffle pattern offers a unique silhouette and modern look, making it more decorative.

The throw we offered is designed to be simple but elegant, featuring a double-faced plush with soft touch and graceful luster, so you could easily coordinate with existing bedding as well as adding a touch of class, warmth and spice to your home decor.

Suitable for the crowd

“As Warm As Love Come Inside And Cuddle Your Heart.”

Our blankets have soft fluff, soft touch, anti-pilling, anti-wrinkle, anti-allergic, and non-falling characteristics. Ideal for those who are prone to allergies and asthma! Three normal sizes and an enlarged size for you to choose!

  • 50" X40": 102cm (40 inch) X 127cm (50 inch) 60" X 50": 127 cm (50 inch) X 153 cm (60 inch)
  • 80" X60": 153cm (60 inch) X 204cm (80 inch) 90" X120": 230cm (90 inch) X 300cm (120 inch)

ARNOVIC Pineapple Blanket Flannel Soft and Comfortable Microfibe

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