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Real Framed New popularity Butterfly Taxidermy - Albuquerque Mall Office Monarch Map Nature on

Real Framed Butterfly Taxidermy - Monarch on Map - Nature Office


Real Framed Butterfly Taxidermy - Monarch on Map - Nature Office

Capture the magic of nature with our recycled butterfly and insect art. Our insects live and die naturally on preservation farms. We recycle them into artwork afterwards and send information with each product to learn more about how farms help the insects. This butterfly is permanently preserved inside a 5"x5" solid wood shadobox. This is a perfect gift for the bug lover in your life. The beauty of insects and nature come together providing a great conversation starter and a unique, recycled gift, or jewelry for your personal collection. Asana Natural Arts produces high quality fashion and fine jewelry items that are handmade in USA. Purchasing our butterfly jewelry supports handmade artists in the USA and the preservation farms which are environmentally friendly and protects the butterflies natural environment. Please note each item turns out a little differently due to working with real nature items.

Real Framed Butterfly Taxidermy - Monarch on Map - Nature Office

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