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Bauerfeind Sports Compression Upper Leg Cheap bargain Latest item Thigh 1 Sleeves Pair -

Bauerfeind Sports Compression Upper Leg Sleeves (1 Pair) - Thigh


Bauerfeind Sports Compression Upper Leg Sleeves (1 Pair) - Thigh

Product description

Supports the thigh muscles while playing ball and endurance sports!

High quality German made upper leg compression sleeve great for running and a variety of sports activities. The sleeves provide increased blood-flow through the hamstring and quads.


- Highly elastic knitted fabric for a carefully regulated amount of compression based on medical standards

- Wide edging band with a silicone dotted band for a perfect fit and exceptional comfort

- Breathable high-tech microfiber feels good on the skin

- Durable and washable material


The Sports Compression Upper Leg Sleeves provide better oxygen transfer for muscle performance. The sleeves exert medical compression to boost circulation and provide a better supply of oxygen to your muscles. The result is better endurance, less fatigue and quicker recovery time. The sleeve also keeps the muscle warm to help protect against pull or tear injuries while the skin stays comfortably cool.


When you want to perform at a high level you need to know you can depend on your body in any situation. The premium sports upper leg sleeves of our SPORTS LINE will boost your self confidence to know your body can handle the stress that comes with sports activities. The Bauerfeind Sports Line results in better endurance, less fatigue and quicker recovery times!

Bauerfeind Sports Compression Upper Leg Sleeves (1 Pair) - Thigh

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