$66 Honeystore Women's Retro Brogue Carving Leather Oxford Flats Lac Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Honeystore Women's Retro Brogue Carving Las Vegas Mall Leather Lac Flats Oxford /inappreciably1711719.html,Flats,Retro,Carving,Leather,Honeystore,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,$66,Lac,Women's,Brogue,caothududoan.com,Oxford /inappreciably1711719.html,Flats,Retro,Carving,Leather,Honeystore,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,$66,Lac,Women's,Brogue,caothududoan.com,Oxford $66 Honeystore Women's Retro Brogue Carving Leather Oxford Flats Lac Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Honeystore Women's Retro Brogue Carving Las Vegas Mall Leather Lac Flats Oxford

Honeystore Women's Retro Brogue Carving San Antonio Mall Las Vegas Mall Leather Lac Flats Oxford

Honeystore Women's Retro Brogue Carving Leather Oxford Flats Lac


Honeystore Women's Retro Brogue Carving Leather Oxford Flats Lac

Product description

Product FeaturesSoles and vamp are very grippy and nice quality as well. The flats offer your feet the support you need. Anti slip sole is great at any time. If you're looking for cute styles, and ultimate comfort, Honeystore shoes are the way to go.About ShippingNormally we ship your order by EMS standard shipping service, it will arrive your there about 7-15 days. If you choose the expedited shipping service at check out, it will arrive your there about 3-5 daysKindly RemindThere are differences with screen contrast and brightness that can make the color advertised different than how it looks in real life. And it's hard to avoid the strong chemical glue smell due to the new sole, so you may have them out of the box for a few days before actually wearing them.Maintenance Method1, It can't be washed and soaked in water, to avoid wearing in a rainy day, It's better to add a shoe cover protection.2, Once get damp, it should be blow-dry in ventilation situation, to avoid exposing to the sun.3, Keep away from oily stains, acidic, alkaline and sharp things to prevent corrosion damage.4, Often use shoe polish, clean the shoe upper with a soft cloth, don't use wet cloth.5, Please put the shoe tree inserted into a shoe when it is not being worn, to keep the shoe in shape.

Honeystore Women's Retro Brogue Carving Leather Oxford Flats Lac

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