Speed Pro Flat Top Coated Rings Locks Pistons compatible Topics on TV wit caothududoan.com,/incandescency1831933.html,Flat,wit,Locks,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Rings,Coated,Pistons,compatible,$131,Pro,Top,Speed $131 Speed Pro Flat Top Coated Pistons Rings Locks compatible wit Automotive Replacement Parts $131 Speed Pro Flat Top Coated Pistons Rings Locks compatible wit Automotive Replacement Parts caothududoan.com,/incandescency1831933.html,Flat,wit,Locks,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Rings,Coated,Pistons,compatible,$131,Pro,Top,Speed Speed Pro Flat Top Coated Rings Locks Pistons compatible Topics on TV wit

Speed Pro Flat Top Sale Coated Rings Locks Pistons compatible Topics on TV wit

Speed Pro Flat Top Coated Pistons Rings Locks compatible wit


Speed Pro Flat Top Coated Pistons Rings Locks compatible wit

Product description

Item Package Quantity:1

This listing is for a set of (8) Speed Pro Chevy 1967-1990 350 BASED engine (4.030 bore x 3.480 Stroke) Hypereutectic Flat Top w/ 4 valve reliefs pistons amp; matching Hastings or Perfect Circle Rings depending on availability at time of purchase and Lock ring clips for floating pins!!! Ring dimensions 5/64, 5/64, 3/16. Accommodates pressed or floating wrist pin installation.These are compatible replacements for 1967-1990 350 Small Block Chevy's.

Speed Pro Flat Top Coated Pistons Rings Locks compatible wit

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