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35% OFF Women's Workout Dress Max 86% OFF Sleeveless Built-in Bra with Shorts Poc

Women's Workout Dress, Sleeveless Built-in with Bra Shorts Poc


Women's Workout Dress, Sleeveless Built-in with Bra Shorts Poc

Product Description

tennis dress

Women Athletic Tennis Golf Dress with Shorts Pockets

This tennis dress is versatile and confidence boosting. Made in our breathable and stretch fabric featuring removable sports bras to prevent extra showing. Pockets on both sides of the shorts are large enough for your phone, tennis ball and keys, without worrying about losing anything.

Comparative Display

Adjustable shoulder strap

Sexy fashionable adjustable straps

Customizable Fit for You - The adjustable straps allow you to position it for maximum shoulder comfort while maintain a full range of movement.

Material Features



The fabric of this dress were designed to suit for sports,like Tennis,Golf or Yoga sports,etc.

With the fashion and adorable design,you can also wear it in your daily life.

Product Details

Built-in bra with safe support

  • This Exercise dress is designed with shoulder straps and is very comfortable and breathable to wear.
  • Built-in romper for comfort amp; protection (shorts are not separate)
  • Shorts feature a pocket on both sides
  • Built-in bra with safe support
  • Removable pads

Size Chart

Size Chart
4 pockets leggings 2 pockets leggings Bow leggings Snakeskin leggings Wangges leggings
4 pockets leggings 2 pockets leggings Bow leggings Snakeskin leggings Wangges leggings
Pocket 4 pockets 2 pockets 2 pockets none none
Feel Buttery soft Buttery soft Buttery soft Buttery soft Buttery soft
Seamless Waistband

Women's Workout Dress, Sleeveless Built-in with Bra Shorts Poc

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