Tascam DR-05X Stereo Handheld Digital Manufacturer direct delivery Recorder USB Audio Inter $52 Tascam DR-05X Stereo Handheld Digital Audio Recorder USB Inter Musical Instruments Studio Recording Equipment Tascam,Digital,USB,caothududoan.com,$52,Audio,Handheld,Inter,DR-05X,Stereo,Musical Instruments , Studio Recording Equipment,/kitchenless1831707.html,Recorder Tascam DR-05X Stereo Handheld Digital Manufacturer direct delivery Recorder USB Audio Inter Tascam,Digital,USB,caothududoan.com,$52,Audio,Handheld,Inter,DR-05X,Stereo,Musical Instruments , Studio Recording Equipment,/kitchenless1831707.html,Recorder $52 Tascam DR-05X Stereo Handheld Digital Audio Recorder USB Inter Musical Instruments Studio Recording Equipment

Tascam DR-05X Stereo Handheld Fees free!! Digital Manufacturer direct delivery Recorder USB Audio Inter

Tascam DR-05X Stereo Handheld Digital Audio Recorder USB Inter


Tascam DR-05X Stereo Handheld Digital Audio Recorder USB Inter

Product description

The DR-05X Stereo Handheld Digital-Audio Recorder with USB Audio Interface from Tascam is the latest generation of professional handheld recorders that is the successor to Tascam's popular DR-05 recorder. The DR-05X features a pair of high-quality omnidirectional stereo microphones that can be used to capture audio for voice recordings, dictations, meetings, and music recording applications.

The DR-05X boasts a totally revamped user interface, making it easy to access recording, adjust levels, delete takes, add markers, and use other common functions with just the click of a thumb. Multi-language menus in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Portuguese are included.

Furthermore, Tascam's decades of expertise and innovation in computer-based recording incorporates a studio-quality 2-in/2-out USB audio interface making it a great fit for podcasting, digital audio workstations, and more. Other features include a bright-white backlit display that is easy to see in sunlight as well as dictation mode, which enables the user to jump back audio playback, including speed control and EQ.

Finally, an overwrite mode allows users to select a precise record drop-in time for replacement recordings with one level of undo. The audio record function can be set to begin recording when a sound is detected. The DR-05X Stereo Handheld Digital-Audio Recorder with USB Audio Interface builds on the legacy of Tascam's handheld digital recorders.

Included in this bundle
1) Tascam DR-05X Stereo Handheld Digital Audio Recorder
2) Movo Deadcat Windscreen
3)32GB Micro SD Card with Standard SD Adapter

Tascam DR-05X Stereo Handheld Digital Audio Recorder USB Inter

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