$25 logozoe Car Model Toy, Alloy Bus Toy Kids Car Model Toy, for Gir Toys Games Vehicles logozoe,$25,/malpoise1831722.html,Car,Toy,,Toys Games , Vehicles,Toy,Toy,,Alloy,Gir,for,Model,Model,Bus,caothududoan.com,Kids,Car logozoe,$25,/malpoise1831722.html,Car,Toy,,Toys Games , Vehicles,Toy,Toy,,Alloy,Gir,for,Model,Model,Bus,caothududoan.com,Kids,Car logozoe Car Max 45% OFF Model Toy Alloy for Gir Bus Kids $25 logozoe Car Model Toy, Alloy Bus Toy Kids Car Model Toy, for Gir Toys Games Vehicles logozoe Car Max 45% OFF Model Toy Alloy for Gir Bus Kids

logozoe Fees free!! Car Max 45% OFF Model Toy Alloy for Gir Bus Kids

logozoe Car Model Toy, Alloy Bus Toy Kids Car Model Toy, for Gir


logozoe Car Model Toy, Alloy Bus Toy Kids Car Model Toy, for Gir

Product description


1. Alloy material of the car body, drop-resistance and interesting to play.

2. With LED light and music function of the model toy, bringing you wonderful playing experience.

3. Highly simulation, front and rear door can be opened, having exquisite workmanship.

4. Nice gift for children in birthday and festivals..

5. Rear wheel with pull-back function, just pull the wheel back from the ground.


Condition: 100% Brand New

Material: Alloy

Optional Color: Gold, Blue, White Red

Battery: 3 * AG13 Button Cell (Included)

Suitable Age: Above 3 Years

Size: Approx. 24 * 7 * 4.5cm / 9.4 * 2.8 * 1.8in

Package List:

1 * Double-decker Bus Toy

logozoe Car Model Toy, Alloy Bus Toy Kids Car Model Toy, for Gir

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